Delicacy Salon offers free ‘mutton’ curry to new client

Delicacy Salon offers free ‘mutton’ curry to new client

A new food business is offering free mutton curry to its new clientele.

Delicacy is opening a Melbourne cafe, which will be open from Monday to Friday.

The cafe is the brainchild of chef, restaurateur and chef de cuisine Nick Sjögren.

The cafe’s menu is made with a mix of local ingredients, such as mung beans, onions, carrot, tomatoes and parsley, along with a number of Australian delicacies including curry.

The curry will be served in a glass bowl and can be enjoyed cold or hot.

Delicate curry, which is typically served with a thick tomato sauce, is also available.

The café will offer complimentary mung bean tea, while customers can enjoy the food for free.

Delicitty’s owner, Nick Sjovens, said the curry is the perfect way to get the mungbean flavour out of the curry, while adding that it was a great way to celebrate a new client.

“We have been having a lot of clients, so the mutton is just a great place to go and try something different, and celebrate Christmas and Easter,” he said.

“It’s something we can all enjoy together.

It’s something that we are all very thankful for.”

The cafe has been serving food to customers for three years, and is one of several in the city.

The chef is also a founding member of the New South Wales Mung Bean Society, which promotes and promotes the munchies in the state.

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