How to avoid the Davao Death Toll

How to avoid the Davao Death Toll

As people travel from the capital to the remote areas of the country’s remote northeast, some are taking the trip on the back of a new report that reveals how deadly the outbreak of davaos coronavirus has become.

It was released by a research organisation that advises countries around the world on how to prevent, contain and contain the disease.

The Global Health Association, which is based in Singapore, said it was the first time that the report was based on an epidemiological study and had been compiled in collaboration with local health authorities.

The group said the report revealed that people from Davaos region had more than doubled in the past three years to 442 cases.

It said that despite the rise, davaoes cases were still small, but there was a need to improve monitoring.

“It’s really important to ensure that we do not lose the people who are actually in need of support and protection,” the report said.

It said it had identified a number of problems, including the lack of information about davaois population growth, and was calling on the public to be aware of their risk and the need to be vigilant about their behaviour.

Davao has been declared free of the virus since the end of last month, but health workers and families have still been trying to find a way to keep people out.

A spokesperson for the Health Ministry said there was still a high risk of davas case being re-established.

”Davaos is a very large and vulnerable region, and there is a lot of risk to the people living in the area,” she said.

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