How to Cook a Chicken with a Knife

How to Cook a Chicken with a Knife

The best way to cook a chicken is with a knife, says a local restaurant owner.

The owner of Krakow Restaurant in Taungoo, Poland, told VICE News that there are no rules on how to prepare chicken, except to always use the sharpest knife you can get your hands on.

“If you are a chicken lover and you want to eat a chicken, you have to go out there and find a knife,” he said.

“I always used a knife.”

Krakow is located in the Taungo region, a small town of just over 1,000 people.

The restaurant serves food to tourists and locals alike, and it serves a range of regional and local cuisine.

Krakows mainstay is the traditional chicken dish called krakow, or “chicken noodle,” which is made with a mixture of herbs and spices.

The dish has a rich, buttery flavor that complements a bowl of soup.

The traditional recipe for krakows is to start with a chicken breast, cut into chunks and then thinly sliced.

A layer of breadcrumbs, cheese, herbs and salt is added to the chicken.

The chicken is then cooked on a griddle, but it can be done in a wide variety of ways, including by using a frying pan.

Krakows menu includes a variety of chicken dishes.

The best way, the restaurant owner said, is to use the same knife you would use for a traditional chicken meal.

“It is very important to always cut the chicken into pieces,” he added.

“There are many things that you can do with a fork.”

Krekow is not alone in this.

Restaurants in the country have also been doing away with knives in favor of forks, which have become the norm.

In a country where the majority of people are not literate, the idea of a spoon is not unheard of.

According to a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center, only 1.4 percent of Poles are literate.

For many Poles, a fork is the easiest way to eat.

But in the United States, a spoon and fork have been seen as a symbol of cultural backwardness, even though Americans have been using them for centuries.

In the U.S., the most popular fork is a chef’s knife.

Kraus said he doesn’t use a chef knife because he believes it’s better to cook by hand.

“It’s easier to prepare a dish by hand than to have a fork,” he explained.

“A chef knife is like a machine, and you have a lot of pressure.

You have to have an incredible amount of power and speed.”

When it comes to kraków, he said, the best way is to eat it with your hands, as the dish is more flavorful.

He also said it’s important to use a small amount of herbs.

“In Poland, we used to have so many herbs, and they were not used for the dish, but we used some of them,” he told VICE.

“For a long time, the local farmers would bring us the herbs that they used.

But in the last couple of years, they’ve started to cut back.”

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