How to make the most of Puerto Rico’s sweet treats

It’s a little early for a recipe but the island’s best is probably already in your freezer.

Here are 10 ways to make Puerto Rico a paradise for sweet treats.1.

Cucumber, pineapple and avocado toast (1:32)If you haven’t been there, you might not know this but Puerto Rico is a paradise on wheels, with more than a million people living there and an abundance of food and seafood.

If you are visiting the island for a short visit, it might be worth the effort to stop in for a taste of the local food.

There’s so much great food here, you should have plenty of time to explore before the crowds.

If not, head to the airport and take a bus to the beach, or take the train to the island.

You can take the bus for free from the airport, which is free with the purchase of an entry ticket.2.

Choco-mama’s homemade caramel apples (3:22)This one’s a no-brainer.

You could probably get away with making these, which are easy to make with some sugar, butter and eggs.

The caramel apples have a light, fluffy texture and are a good alternative to other sweet treats because they have a slight caramel taste.

They are also delicious with a dash of sugar and a dash or two of vanilla extract.3.

Mango cake with pineapple jam (3,923)The mango is the most popular fruit on Puerto Rico, but there are so many delicious variations that you’ll want to make this one to your liking.

This mango cake with the pineapple jam is an easy dessert that is delicious in any setting, but it’s especially good with a splash of coconut milk.4.

Sweet and sour coconut cream (2:40)Coconut cream is delicious, but you can get creative with the sweet and sour flavor combinations.

If your craving something sweet and sweet, this coconut cream is for you.

It has a slightly tart texture and is very sweet with a slight tang.5.

Churros (2,924)You can make these churros in advance or at the beginning of the week.

You’ll want them to be light, chewy and easy to bite into.

The filling will be a sweet, slightly tart mixture made with coconut milk and sugar.

You will also need to have a blender handy because you’ll need to stir in some fresh lime juice to make it smooth.6.

Fruit punch (3.8Mb)This fruit punch is perfect for those who love fruit and have a hard time finding a good recipe.

This is a delicious way to make a smoothie with a fruit punch.

It’s packed with fruit and it has a rich, slightly sweet flavor that will melt into your mouth.

This fruit punch has a light and chewy texture and you can easily slice it to make an even smaller portion.7.

Sweet chocolate-coconut mousse (3Mb; $4.99)The chocolate-cup mousse is a perfect summer treat that you can use up all summer.

You have a lot of time ahead of you so don’t be afraid to make something fresh to eat in the meantime.

This mousse has a buttery texture that melts into your face.8.

Chocolate ice cream (4.2Mb), made with sugar (1,917)You might not think of chocolate ice cream as a treat but it is.

The best way to enjoy this dessert is to use it as an appetizer.

It comes with a rich chocolate sauce that is a combination of sugar, chocolate chips and coconut milk that will add a wonderful taste to your ice cream.

You may need to add more sugar or some milk to achieve the desired consistency.9.

Coconut milk with strawberries (3D)If your craving strawberries, you can find a delicious, creamy version at a local deli.

This coconut milk is creamy and smooth with a sweet strawberry flavor.

You want a thick, creamy consistency to this ice cream so you can mix it up with the strawberries.10.

Caramel-covered pineapple (3Kb)If it’s too much to handle, try these simple, tasty caramels.

They’re perfect for a sweet dessert because they are just a little bit crunchy, but they are light enough that they will satisfy your sweet tooth without the bite.

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