Italy has banned Tinghinos Sicilian delicacy

Italy has decided to ban Tinghatos Sicilian and other Sicilian cuisine from restaurants and bars, with the food deemed “unhealthy and harmful”.

It is part of a new health directive aimed at controlling consumption of the delicacy which is found in Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Norway.

The food is often found at the heart of a dish that includes salami, sausages, meats, and potatoes.

“It is a dish which has a history of being used as an excuse for eating unhealthy food,” Health Minister Andrea Bocchioli said at a press conference.

The Food and Agriculture Ministry is also expected to ban other Sicilians such as pastries, pies, pasta and vegetables from the market.

Health experts said that there was an overwhelming need for the Italian government to take the health risk from the food into account.

“The risk of developing cancer and other diseases related to eating Ting-hino is clear,” said Dr. Alessandro Giustina, director of the Italian Institute for Cancer Research and the author of a study on Ting hino.

“This food can cause an increase in cancers in animals and humans.

It can cause serious illnesses and death.”

The new law comes a day after Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that Italy’s national dish, Capitano, could be made from pork and eggs.

The country is also currently facing a record number of cases of salmonella infections, with more than 7,000 reported in the first three months of the year.

Italy is currently facing an unprecedented influx of migrants, many of whom are seeking work in the country.

Italy has already implemented strict food safety measures in the face of a spike in salmonellosis cases in recent months.

The government has also tightened controls on the consumption of alcohol, including banning the sale of alcoholic beverages, and a new tax on tobacco is expected to come into effect next month.

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