Pork and beef on the menu at a Dallas diner

Pork and beef on the menu at a Dallas diner

The menu at this Dallas diner has the kind of meat that you’d expect to find in a meatpacking plant.

You’d expect a lot of meatballs, but this isn’t it.

This isn’t what you would call a “pork and beef menu.”

That’s right: It’s meatball soup.

But it’s not really meatballs at all.

It’s a whole bunch of sausage.

And it’s made from a whole lot of sausage, in this case, from a farm in northern Illinois.

So, the sausage is a whole big, meaty sausage, and the meatballs are really just sausages, right?

It’s like, oh, that’s just really good.

And the only thing that could be better is a beef and chicken soup.

It might be the most delicious meatball-soup recipe ever.

And I love pork and beef, I love Texas and all that stuff.

It just makes me want to make it every time.

So what makes this meatball soups different?

It starts with a pork sausage that’s fermented in an old-fashioned pork barrel.

It comes in a bowl with a lot more sausage than you might think.

And as the bowl is simmering, the sizzle of the sausage cooks the meat into a deep-fried, meat-like liquid.

But you don’t have to use the fat.

You don’t need the fat because the liquid is all water.

And all the meat is watery.

So you don.t need to worry about the sizzling, but you need to get it in there to be really tender.

And that is the secret sauce.

It goes in at the very end, and it gets really good as the liquid cools.

It really comes out of the meat and has a very, very, um, nice, sweet, nutty flavor.

But I think it’s just because the sausage was fermented in the barrel.

The barrel is a big, old-time hog farm that was here for 100 years, and for the past 50 years, they’ve been making a sausage from their pigs, which is an important thing to remember because there’s so much sausage in this soup.

So they actually have to process their pigs’ sausage to get that deep-frying-and-boiling effect that you see in this sausage.

So the sausage comes out this way, right on top of the liquid, which you don?t see in any other meatballs.

And there’s not much more that needs to be added.

All you need is some broth, some liquid, and some salt.

So it’s basically a simple meatball sausage.

It is, in fact, a pork sausagemaking machine.

The sausage is actually the kind that’s made with a cow’s intestines, which are really hard to make.

It takes a lot, and this one is just so good that you wouldn?t be able to make a pork soup with it.

The meatballs come in a large bowl, which I find really easy to handle and it’s nice and fluffy, so it?s easy to eat.

The bowl has a lot less meat in it than the sausage.

There?s just more sausage, which helps make this a really tender, really good soup.

The other important ingredient in this is the butter, which comes in with the meat.

I think there?s only about two tablespoons of butter in the whole bowl.

And so it makes this really tender soup, which makes it even better when it’s done.

And, finally, you can actually add a lot to the meatball mixture if you want.

The first thing I do is I use a fork to dip the meat in the liquid.

It makes a very smooth, very buttery soup.

I put a little bit of it in my mouth, because the meat tends to absorb more liquid than I want it to.

And then I pour it into the bowl.

Then I add a little more butter.

Then a little less.

And you end up with a really buttery, meatball sauce that is very nice.

And if you don&t use a buttery sauce, it won?t have the deep-flavor you want in your meatballs; it will just have a very butter flavor.

I love butter.

So this is a really good, great sausage soup, and if you like pork and meat, this is an amazing recipe to try.

And to top it all off, you get to eat your pork sausage on top.

It gives you that rich, meat flavor.

You can put it in a salad, a sandwich, even a bowl of soup.

Or, of course, if you are going to be eating this for dinner, it?ll be on the table with some steamed rice.

I know it seems like a lot.

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