The Best European Desserts in North Korea

The Best European Desserts in North Korea

The best European desserts in North Korean cuisine are not only worth eating, but are also delicious, according to a new book from The Sport and the South Korean website Koreas Daily Dish. 

A recent trip to Pyongyang by the author and the authors daughter, Liza, led them to the city’s famed Donshokye Restaurant.

The restaurant has been serving North Korean desserts since the 1970s, and in the book, KoreasDailyDish explains how the restaurant became a hub for the country’s most popular delicacies.

“I had never eaten there before, and when we arrived at the restaurant, there were about 10 other people in the restaurant and we were all eating together.

They had all had a chance to sample their dishes,” Liza said.

“The owner, the cook and the server were very kind to us and really enjoyed our experience, and I think they really enjoyed what we were trying.”

Liza and Liza were joined by their three-year-old son, Kwon, and their daughter, Kim Kyong, who also ate there with them. 

The family had a great time, and Kwon even said that his mother would love to go back.

“When I was little, my mom would always make me sit on the kitchen floor with her, and my mom was like, ‘You’re too small to sit on your own.'”

The restaurant’s owner said the customers have been very kind, and he even asked the couple to bring a few treats, but he was so busy preparing his dishes that he didn’t have time to stop.

“When I came back from North Korea, I noticed how nice they were, and how they were always so kind to people,” Lizzy said. 

“I think if I go to the Donsokye again, I’ll definitely bring some of my favorite dishes.” 

In the book’s introduction, KoretsDailyDishes writes that, “Donsoky has become a popular place for visitors to enjoy North Korean food.”

Liza and Kim’s son also said that it is hard to find dishes at the Dinshokya, because it is a popular spot for North Koreans to enjoy.

“The Donsy is the best restaurant in the world,” Lizzi said.

She said she would love the chance to return to North Korea someday and see the Dongsokye in person.

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