The world’s most expensive restaurant is in Ethiopia

The world’s most expensive restaurant is in Ethiopia

When you think of the world’s biggest food destinations, Ethiopia is probably not among them.

But that’s what it looks like when you look at the prices at this one of the biggest eateries in the world, the Ethiopia Food Centre.

The Ethiopian Food Centre, which opened in January 2016, is located in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and is the biggest restaurant in the country.

According to the website, the Ethiopian Food Center is a “world-class culinary destination that showcases the highest quality ingredients from the Ethiopian homeland”.

While the restaurant’s menu is small, you can expect a range of dishes, from Ethiopian-style dishes to American dishes.

It is a small place but it has a big kitchen that is constantly making dishes from scratch.

There are over 500 chefs working in the restaurant and it is estimated that the kitchen costs $7m a year.

As part of the restaurant, you will find a wine bar, as well as an international kitchen, which makes wine for the restaurant.

In addition to this, you also have a restaurant that offers a lot of food to eat.

The restaurant is run by an Ethiopian woman, Hadi Ade.

Hadi, who was born in Ethiopia, is a self-described “foodie” who has studied cooking, and has been cooking since she was seven years old.

She has been working in restaurants for over 20 years and she’s a certified home cook.

Hadi Adego is the manager of the Ethiopian restaurant, and she said that she started working as a cook in the late 90s, after her husband left her job in the food industry.

“I was just tired of being in a restaurant,” Hadi said.

“The only thing I really wanted to do was cook, but I was always afraid of being called a home cook.”

Her husband had just left the restaurant to work in a construction site, and he left her with her two young children, who she did not have a job for.

When she was pregnant with her second child, she went back to work.

“When my husband was gone, I was really happy and thought I would never be able to find work again,” she said.

After Hadi was given the job of running the Ethiopian food centre, she had no other option than to open her own restaurant.

Hari Adegon opened the restaurant as a restaurant, but in 2009, she decided to expand it to a full restaurant.

Today, the restaurant has more than 4,000 seats and serves up a variety of Ethiopian dishes.

Hari Ade said that her restaurant has been known to draw up to 5,000 customers per night.

The food is cooked by Hadi and her staff, but there is no staff of their own.

Instead, the cooks are hired by the restaurant owner to serve up the dishes to diners.

Hoti Ade is the cook and she also runs a private dining room where the owner cooks the food for her customers.

Hili Ade also runs the restaurant through a company called Zara, and the restaurant employs over 400 people.

Hani Ade says that the food is very good, and her customers love the food.

“They come to see the chef because they are so happy and happy because they feel happy eating,” Hili said.

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