Turkish food lover, who is a regular at French delicacies , opens new restaurant

Turkish food lover, who is a regular at French delicacies , opens new restaurant

Turkish food lovers who like French delicacy will be thrilled to hear that the chef who has been cooking there for the past few years has opened a new restaurant in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

The new restaurant is called “Kurksev Kork” and is located in a former hotel. 

The restaurant is the second restaurant of its kind in the city and the first one is located just outside the Old City. 

Kuraksev is a local word for “barn” and a Turkish word for a restaurant.

It is often used to describe the location of a restaurant and the area around it. 

As far as I know, the owner of the restaurant, Nurul Gulnaz Akbari, has been working there since 2011.

He is a graduate of the culinary school of the Turkish University of Technology in Istanbul.

He has a wife and a daughter and his son has been a teacher there.

The restaurant has the name of a famous Turkish poet, Esen. 

Akbari is an artist and a passionate eater.

He loves food and his passion for the cuisine is legendary.

He was also the first chef to create a dish at the legendary “Turkish Restaurant” in the Old Town of Istanbul in Istanbul, the most famous of Turkish restaurants in the world. 

In 2016, he opened the first French restaurant in Turkey. 

“Turkish cuisine is one of the most beautiful cuisines in the Middle East and Europe, especially in Turkey,” he said.

“I am a big fan of French cuisine and I am proud to introduce this new restaurant to Turkish diners.

I am also hoping that my customers will enjoy this new experience.”

Akbir told The Associated Press that he opened his new restaurant “to be a new, more inclusive space for Turkish cuisine.”

The menu will include a traditional Turkish soup called kurkseyk, which is served with a mix of vegetables and meats, as well as seasonal salads, which are served with fresh ingredients. 

There will be more than 50 restaurants in Istanbul and Ankara, including restaurants that specialize in food from around the world, he said, adding that the restaurant’s name will be inspired by the famous poet Esen who wrote “Kura kur kura” in Turkey’s oldest known poem. 

Turkey has a history of having its own distinctive cuisine, with dishes such as kurkas, kebabs and tandoori chicken.

It has a long history of food tourism, with tens of thousands of Turkish tourists visiting France, Italy, Spain and other European countries. 

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