US startup makes pet food that’s more nutritious than the chicken you eat

US startup makes pet food that’s more nutritious than the chicken you eat

US startup Filipino Egg Company is launching a pet food product that’s as nutritious as the chicken it sells to customers.

The company has already created a pet-friendly version of its popular Eggnog.

But the pet-food maker also says it wants to create a better version of the traditional chicken eggnog by adding a protein supplement that’s 100 percent vegan and made from plants that can be found only in the Philippines.

In fact, the pet food maker is launching its product in partnership with a company that produces pet food in China.

The two companies are launching their product as part of a new breed of animal-based products.

“We’re the only company that can produce a food that meets the nutritional needs of a pet,” Filipinico CEO Lillian M. Ramirez told TechCrunch.

“So, we want to do this in a way that the pet is happy and that it doesn’t require any medication.”

The company, which is based in Texas, has created its pet food to be more healthful, said Ramirez.

Filipinos consume around 80 percent of their pet food as pet food, which the company has designed to be vegan, as well as to be lower in fat, sodium, sugar, and other allergens.

The new pet food will also include a protein boost to ensure it’s not going to be too low in protein and cholesterol.

FilIPino’s pet food was named the #1 pet food of the year in 2016 by PetSmart.

The PetSmart report also said the product has been the #4 best-selling pet food ever in the US.

The pet food company has also developed an eggnose supplement that contains a protein that is 100 percent plant-based and made in China, the company said.

The eggnopoide is extracted from the egg of a wild plant and has a high nutritional value.

It has a similar texture and taste to a regular eggnoodle and is made from plant-like compounds called di-hydroxyacetone.

The ingredient is extracted by heating it in a steam-cleaning device, and then processed in a laboratory.

According to Ramirez, the eggnope is also made with plant-derived ingredients such as arugula, kale, and chicory root.

The Eggnopoa product, which can be purchased for $39.99, has been in testing since last year and is being released today, and will be available on July 15.

The products will be the first pet food products to be made by the company, and Ramirez expects that it will be a hit.

“It’s definitely going to become a trend,” she said.

“I think the consumer is going to love it.”

Ramirez said that while the egg nope does not contain the egg yolk that is used in other eggnolles, it will have more protein than the egg and chicken egg nolles.

“The protein will be about 75 percent protein and 10 percent fat,” she told Tech Crunch.

The other ingredients that will be added to the egg noodles include soybean oil, agave nectar, and natural flavors.

Ramirez said the pet’s nutritional profile will be improved by adding more plant-in-processed ingredients.

The cat’s best friend is the egg, and the company is also hoping that the product will be popular with pets as well.

“When people start to eat more of this product, we are confident that we will get a lot more customers,” Ramirez said.

To get the new pet-favorite pet food on the market, Filipinas customers can go to the Filipina pet food store, where the pet products are available in packs of 10 for $7.95.

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