What are the best dishes from India and Bangladesh?

What are the best dishes from India and Bangladesh?

The BBC Food team have analysed the best of the best Indian and Bangladeshi dishes, with the help of expert curators.

You can read our complete report here.


Dung Beet (Thali) –  Chicken and beef dung is a favourite in the country, and the Dung Bean is a great option.

This traditional dish has been around for centuries and it is very similar to the dung of the Punjabi people.

The dung bean is boiled in water and the water is then added to a sauce that is then simmered.

The result is a thick sauce that resembles that of a thick eggplant patty.

The dish is also served as a side dish and can be made into a sandwich or served with curries.

The recipe can be found in the official Bengali cookbook The Bengali Cookbook.


Chicken Curry (Dosa) – This is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in the region.

The chicken curry is served with rice and dal, and is a simple and delicious dish.

You are likely to find it served with sweet potatoes or potatoes mixed with lentils and peas.

It can be eaten as a main dish, or as an accompaniment to rice.

The Dosa recipe can also be found at the official Dosa cookbook.


Chickpea Curry (Chinak) – This dish is popular in India.

It is often made with the skin of the chickpeas, which are usually picked and ground.

The chickpea is then dipped in the sauce and served with a mixture of spices and a small amount of water.

The ingredients for the dish are mixed in a large pot and then cooked until the chicken is cooked through.


Beef Paneer (Kurien) – The beef paneer is the most commonly served dish in India and is very popular with the country’s rich Muslim community.

It comes in a variety of different varieties and is often served alongside a dish of rice.

You will find it as a staple on a regular basis in the southern part of India.

This dish can also sometimes be served as part of a meal.


Chicken and Eggplant Curry (Kabab) -This dish is a dish that is commonly served with rotis or fried rice.

This is a classic dish from India, and has become an essential part of many Indian cuisine dishes.

This recipe is similar to a traditional dosa recipe but with chicken instead of duck eggs.

The sauce is then mixed in with the chicken, and served on top of rice or bread.


Paneera (Chicken Curry) – Another popular dish in the south, this is a vegetarian dish made with chicken.

This version is more similar to Indian dosa and is served as an appetiser for rice.


Beef Biryani (Kamat) – Biryain is a common Indian dish, and this is one the most common vegetarian dishes served in the northern part of the country.

This sauce is usually made with onions, potatoes, and rice, and it can be served with some curry powder and some spices as well.

The Biryan recipe can often be found on a basic roti or mixed with rice.


Chicken Biryana (Kadai) – If you like to have a little more spice in your dish, then this is your dish.

This has a lot of spices in it, but also some chickpeases in it.

This Indian dish is typically served with roasted potatoes and a little bit of spice, and can sometimes be combined with curry powder to add even more flavour.


Sizzling Chicken Curry with Feta and Garlic (Fati) – You may be surprised to find out that this dish is served almost exclusively in India, but it is a popular and healthy alternative to traditional chicken dishes.

You may even be surprised at how well it is prepared.

The batter is often used to make a filling for soups, and some Indian restaurants even offer a fried version of the dish.

It also makes a good side dish.


Beef and Garbanzo Beans with Garlic and Rice – A very popular dish at the South Indian restaurants, this dish consists of beef and garbanzo beans.

The beef is often marinated in spices, and then fried in a pan.

The rice is then used to give the dish a light and fluffy texture.

This particular dish is commonly eaten with the spicy vegetable korma, and if you’re looking for a quick meal, this might be the dish for you.


Chick-pea Soup (Kavada) – When it comes to soup, this one is a must try.

This simple and tasty soup is made with chickpeans and onions and is sometimes served alongside some vegetable stock or yogurt.

The soup can also contain a few ingredients such as ginger, garlic

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