What is KFC Korean Cuisine?

What is KFC Korean Cuisine?

Posted July 08, 2019 08:12:08 The Korean food chain KFC has been in India since it opened in the country in 2003.

But the company has also been accused of being a major player in the market for cheap Korean dishes.

As we reported in this space earlier this month, KFC is a big player in Indian food culture.

The fast-food chain sells burgers, chicken wings, fried rice, and even kimchi and soy sauce.

And now, it is looking to expand into other markets with a major venture in the Indian market.KFC is planning to open a franchise outlet in Hyderabad, the first in the city.

This is the first time that a fast-casual restaurant has ventured to India.

In 2016, Ketchup and ketchup sauces were introduced at the company’s first store in Hyder Pradesh.

The KFC franchise is likely to expand in Hyderpur, the Indian capital of Hyderabad and Kuchibhotla, the city’s largest suburb, in 2019.

The company has already opened three outlets in Hyderpads capital, Kanchipuram, but it is now planning to expand its presence in the region.

“KFC will be the first to be based in Hyderangabad,” said a company spokesperson in a statement.

“It will be able to offer the freshest, most authentic Korean dishes and offer the highest quality food in a friendly and courteous atmosphere.

KFC India will be India’s first Korean fast-furthering company.”

KFC has already started marketing the franchise in the US and plans to expand this region as well.

The company is also planning to launch a KFC app in the coming months.

Kochi & soy sauce will be launched in the next three months.

It is also likely to be launched soon in India.

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