What you need to know about the film, ‘Curious George’

What you need to know about the film, ‘Curious George’

Movie stars including George Bailey, George Lopez, Anthony Hopkins and Kristen Stewart are all involved in the new ABC sitcom.

The sitcom will focus on an old-fashioned family of seven.

But the show’s cast includes two new faces.

George Bailey plays the patriarch, with Anthony Hopkins playing his younger brother, George.

Kristen Stewart plays the mother.

And George Lopez plays the son.

The cast also includes a new voiceover, along with a new song and a new episode of the popular ABC comedy series “The Goldbergs.”

The new sitcom, which was filmed in Atlanta, will debut Sunday night on ABC.

ABC Television Group Chairman/CEO Scott F. Baio said in a statement that the new sitcom “provides a fresh perspective on a familiar family.”

Bailey will play the patriarch.

His character is a traditional patriarch, a traditional man who believes that men should work at home.

Bailey said that he thinks that women should work too.

Bailey said he thinks women should be able to be their own bosses.

“It’s not about the work, it’s about the time and energy and the sacrifice,” he said in the statement.

“I think that that’s the most important thing.”

Baiting the audience with jokes and talking about how he’s going to get a new car or buy a new house.

But Bailey is not only a regular family man.

He has a son and a daughter.

Bailey is also a professional musician.

The show’s new song is a parody of the Beatles song, “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue.”

In the song, the Beatles play a song about the American dream.

It’s called “Let’s Go, Let’s Go.”

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