When pig pen was invented in India: It’s not as common as you might think

When pig pen was invented in India: It’s not as common as you might think

The pig pen is a modern invention in India.

A few days ago, a couple of tourists came to this rural village in Uttar Pradesh and found that there were more pig pens than people.

A pig pen has a metal frame with a handle on top.

The handle opens to allow the owner to carry the pig, which they then take into a shed and put in a small pig pen, to feed to their pigs.

“The pig pens are very popular, and people use them to sell their pigs,” said M.V. Dhar, a farmer from the village of Motikshanjaghat.

He said that the number of pig pens in the state is growing every year.

“A couple of months ago, I was preparing my pig and he died in my hands,” Dhar said.

He has not been able to sell his pig for the last five years because the pig pens do not have any space for pigs, so they were left on the farm.

People like the pig pen are often seen selling their animals for a profit.

“People have no money, so it is easy to sell,” Dabhar said, adding that he has been selling his pig’s carcasses for Rs 2,000.

The people from the farm say that it is also hard to keep their animals healthy.

“We keep a healthy herd of pigs on the property, and we are doing well,” said the farmer.

“When they get sick, we take them to the market,” said K.K. N. from the same village.

The owners of the pig meat market, who did not want to be named, said that they sell the carcasses of animals like sheep, cows, goats and pigs.

The farmers also sell their animals’ semen to the people, who then have to buy the semen from them.

According to the farmers, the demand for the meat is growing at a very rapid rate.

“Our customers are from every part of the state, including from the other states,” said a villager.

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