When the Japanese eat sushi, they call it sushi… but they don’t know what it actually is

When the Japanese eat sushi, they call it sushi… but they don’t know what it actually is

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan found that, despite the common misconception that sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, the Japanese consider it to be something completely different.

In their paper, published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, the team found that when Japanese eat a sushi roll, they actually refer to it as a “dai.”

The researchers were curious to know what kind of sushi sushi roll a Japanese would be eating when they say they’re eating a sushi.

To find out, they created a video that depicts a sushi-eating Japanese with a bowl of rice in front of him.

In the video, the subject appears to be eating a standard sushi roll while slowly sipping a bowl full of water.

When the subject begins to drink the water, the sushi rolls come flying out of the bowl.

As the water dries, the rolls fall to the floor, and the subject quickly puts them away.

The sushi rolls appear to be in the shape of an eggplant.

When the sushi-loving Japanese sit down to eat the sushi roll in question, the rice appears to break, leaving a tiny piece of sushi underneath.

In response, the subjects mouth becomes dry and it opens and closes in an exaggerated way.

The subject then immediately starts eating the rice, which he continues to do for the rest of the roll.

The scientists then asked the subject to watch the video again and ask himself if the rice was a normal sushi roll or a sushi bowl.

In some instances, the researchers found that the subjects thought the sushi was a bowl when in fact it was actually a regular sushi roll.

In other instances, subjects did not recognize the sushi bowl, or even recognize the rice that had broken off from the sushi.

In these cases, the students were not able to identify whether the sushi is actually a bowl or not.

The researchers then looked at how different Japanese eat different types of sushi.

They found that a Japanese who ate a sushi made with a rice-shaped shape would eat sushi that looked a lot like an egg.

A Japanese who eats a sushi with rice instead of an oval shape would often eat a bowl with rice in it.

And a Japanese that ate a bowl would eat the same bowl as the other subjects.

When asked about how the Japanese would refer to sushi in the future, the researcher stated that they would refer the subject “to a Japanese rice bowl, and a Japanese bowl with sushi rice on top.”

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