When you’re cooking a delicacy, don’t forget to share it on social media

A post shared by Julia B. (@julia_b) on Jan 22, 2018 at 9:39am PST When you eat a dish, you want to share the taste with everyone you encounter.

But you can’t do it with just one post, and if you don’t have a photo, you can easily forget to tweet about it, according to Julia B., a food writer and blogger who lives in Toronto.

In fact, the only way to really make sure your dish gets noticed is to post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

In her new book, The Taste: A Cookbook of Food, Wine, and Spirits, Julia explains how you can share your recipes on Instagram and Twitter without having to worry about Instagram’s tagging rules.

The book, published by Bloomsbury and HarperCollins, contains an illustrated guide to tagging and sharing your recipes, but you’ll also find tips for using Google Plus and Pinterest to share your food on social.

Follow these tips and your recipes will get shared on social platforms like Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter.

Here are five tips to help you make sure you get the most out of your recipes that you post on Instagram.1.

Make sure the photo is relevant to your food.

Julia says that if you want your photo to appear in a food blog or food section, you need to make sure the picture is relevant and relevant to the food you’re sharing.

She suggests using hashtags like #recipe, #recivename, and #reciptrend, which are popular hashtags used on Instagram to tag recipes.

If you want a specific flavor, try tagging a recipe using #recivey.

If your recipe has a specific ingredient, tag that with #recipprocess.

Julia also suggests using the hashtag #recippedit, which is a popular Instagram hashtag for food trends and trends that she says are trending across the globe.2.

Tag your photos with your favorite hashtags.

Julia recommends tagging photos with hashtags that are relevant to her topic, such as #reciisine, #sous-vide, #parmesan, and more.

The more hashtags you tag, the more likely your photo will get noticed by others.

You can also tag photos with keywords such as hashtag, recipe, recipe book, and/or food or beverage blog.3.

Make it fun.

Julia suggests tagging photos using hashtag tags like #soul food, #recipes, #vegan, and much more.

“If you tag a recipe with #recapture, people will automatically tag it with #soulsfood.

Tag recipes with #vegfood and #vegansfood,” she said.

“This is how I found my recipe on Instagram.”4.

Tag the food.

Make your recipe hashtags relevant to food, like #crispyveg, #friedveg and #friedpork.

“I tag recipes using #recast, #searchedfor, #taste, #seasoning, and even #caughtinit,” Julia said.

The hashtag is the best way to get your recipe noticed and retweeted on Instagram by others who may have already shared it.5.

Make a video.

Julia uses Instagram as her way of creating videos, which she shares on YouTube, Vine, YouTube Red, and Facebook.

Julia explains that her videos are tagged with hashtag #soupsauce, #meatball, #beefball, and others.

She also recommends using hashtagged recipes, such a #recallvegan and #recaughtit, to highlight your recipes.

Julia’s recipe video series is called Soupsauces for the Kitchen.

If she can’t find her recipe on YouTube or Vine, she can find it on Google Plus or Twitter.

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