Why China’s top consumer says ‘no’ to a Chinese brand

Why China’s top consumer says ‘no’ to a Chinese brand

In China, most Chinese consumers buy only from big brands and the government has taken a more assertive stance in its pursuit of consumer tastes.

But some say the country’s high-profile efforts to grow its food exports are hurting its ability to attract foreign brands.

The country has launched a number of initiatives to attract the attention of foreign companies, and in April the government introduced a new food-safety law that aims to make sure imported food is safe.

But some Chinese consumers are also fed up with Chinese food brands.

Some consumers have complained that Chinese brands like KFC and McDonalds don’t cater to their taste.

Some also say that the government’s strict regulations are preventing Chinese companies from investing in their products and creating jobs.

And in a recent poll, a survey conducted by the Shanghai-based consumer advocacy group Shanghai Consumer Forum, more than a third of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the way Chinese brands have grown in the country.

Some Chinese consumers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the countrys food safety standards.

In October, China introduced a strict new food safety law that requires manufacturers to meet specific standards, including those related to the safety of their products.

The law is expected to help spur exports of Chinese foods, but critics worry it could lead to an exodus of Chinese food makers.

The new law also requires companies to register with the government and comply with new standards for food safety, including new requirements for food to be labelled and packaged.

But many Chinese consumers say they do not know how to access the government website to view the food safety rules.

In October, Chinese consumers told CNNMoney that they had been unable to find any information on the Food Safety and Standards Bureau website or their local government portal.

Many consumers say that Chinese food giants have become too complacent and not enough proactive about the food supply chain.

China is facing a food crisis in a country where the country produces more than 90% of the worlds food supply.

China has been facing a similar food crisis after it shut down its last dairy farm in 2003, leaving millions of dairy cows to roam the countryside.

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