Why is ‘Sushi’ on the menu at one of Australia’s most popular restaurants?

Why is ‘Sushi’ on the menu at one of Australia’s most popular restaurants?

Australian restaurant chain Sushi is one of the most popular eateries in the country.

It’s a Japanese style sushi restaurant with an eclectic menu and menu offerings, ranging from the classics like tuna, salmon and salmon roll, to the modern additions like sushi rolls, sushi rolls topped with salmon, and the popular nigiri and sushi rolls.

The restaurant’s name, “Sushi”, is an abbreviation of the Japanese word for sushi, sushi.

The chain started in New York City in 2000 and now operates over 2,000 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

Its name comes from its owner, Masashi Kojima, who started it as a restaurant in the early 1960s.

Sushi began its Australian expansion in 2014.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that in 2017, Sushi expanded its business from two locations to 20 in Sydney and Perth.

“Sakura Sushi” is one item on the Sushi menu.

Source: Supplied Sushi’s “Sakuji” is the Japanese version of a sushi roll.

It is a large roll with a large amount of fish and rice on top.

The roll is also served with a sashimi and other items.

“It’s the perfect Japanese roll,” said one customer, who did not want to be named.

Sake in a glass is another popular item on Sushi.

The Japanese style sake glass is often used to serve sake and other spirits.

“We have a lot of spirits that are not very popular in the world, like vodka and sake, but Sushi has lots of those too,” another customer said.

Sashimi is a common item on menus in Australia.

The sushi roll is topped with sashimas, a type of seaweed salad.

“If you like sashima, you should try Sushi,” a woman said.

A popular dish is the nigiri roll.

The dish is served with an egg roll.

One customer said the roll “is my favourite”.

A roll of nigiri with a fresh egg and a green salad is the most common dish.

“I love it,” another woman said, adding “there’s a lot more good things about nigiri”.

Sushi can be a popular dining option in Australia, especially in Sydney.

“For us, it’s always great to have a restaurant where people are actually coming in and enjoying themselves,” a Sydney resident told the Sydney Morning Post.

Sushimas are popular in Sydney, but not in Melbourne, where Sushi opened a branch last year.

“They’re very good and the sushi rolls are a good value,” a restaurant owner in Sydney told the Morning Post, referring to the sushi roll and the roll of sashims.

“There are lots of different nigiri rolls, the roll is a little bit different, but I’m a sushi guy,” another resident said.

“But we love the roll.”

Another resident in Sydney said Sushi was “great” but that the roll was “just okay”.

“I like it, but you can get the nigiris and the rolls are not as good as the nigiris in Japan,” the resident said, referring a sushi restaurant in Japan.

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