Why the Pats’ win over the Broncos was an absolute steal

Why the Pats’ win over the Broncos was an absolute steal

I think a lot of people will think of the Patriots as the team with the most talent on the roster.

But I can’t really argue with the fact that they’re the team that had the most offensive talent on their roster.

They also had the second-most offensive talent in the NFL, behind only the Broncos.

They had the third-most defensive talent on theirs, behind the 49ers, and they also had an offensive line that was second in the league in sacks.

That line also had a lot more talent than the Broncos, who had a pretty solid defensive line.

The Patriots also had one of the best defensive front sevens in the game, and the defensive line also played well, especially in the secondary.

But you’ve got to go a little deeper than that.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that the Patriots were able to get two of the most productive offensive players in the entire NFL, as the Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas and Peyton Manning.

I mean, I’m not going to pretend that Thomas, Manning and Demaryus Thomas weren’t all the way in front of each other.

It’s a pretty amazing thing that the Broncos were able, in this Super Bowl, to get Manning to do what he did last year, and that’s score.

They got him to score more touchdowns than anyone else, and it’s the kind of production that you don’t see anywhere else.

The Broncos also had Tom Brady and the defense to do that.

They gave up just 11 points per game, which is a pretty impressive stat, considering the fact they were on the outside of the top 10 in scoring defense.

Brady and his teammates did all the heavy lifting for Denver, and this is what happens when the defense can get its game in front.

That’s how you win championships.

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